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Why matrimonial: Matrimonials - Indian Shaadi, The No.1 matrimonial site with all the matrimonials. Add your matrimonial profile now and contact partners for free. Photo galleries is our free value added services.

It is a hard fact that Indian society is going through the worst phase for locating life partners during last few decades.
Traditionally in India more than 90% of marriages are still settled by parents, in early years parents used to easily locate bride or groom for their children within the close social circle and there were many volunteers doing this as social service. As the Indian society grown towards modernization, the level of education increased and social and financial capabilities strengthened parents started facing problem in getting right life partner within the social circle.

This was the time when commercial matrimonial services started; initially these were kind of classified matrimonial advertisements in daily and weekly newspapers, later some professionals enter in this growing matchmaking business with services like professionally matchmaking. Though still both these kind of services are available but with the abnormal growth of Indian population and society even these services are unable to fully cater to the need of parents to find matrimonial alliance for their children.

Internet opened better avenues for such services, websites offering free services for Indian matrimonial came in being, here parents or prospective bride or groom can create their own detailed profiles, can also attach their photographs and search through similar profiles of others, most of these sites charge fee from their members before they can communicate with each other but there is one site which allows free communication among members who are seeking Indian matrimonial alliance irrespective of their location, or religion any member can use services of at one can always create a free profile, with number of pictures and very interestingly can add audio or video profiles too again all for free.

The scope of such matchmaking services is great as everyday more and more eligible Indians and their parents are being attracted towards such matrimonial services on internet. In India there is an ancient saying which goes like “Marriages are made in heaven but settled on earth”, but we believe this should be changed now to “Marriages are made in heaven but are settled on internet.”

Free Matrimonial Services aims to give a nice matrimonial service to all without any classification of country, cast or culture. We are trying to give all sophisticated valuable technologically robust matrimonial services to all. The main reason behind not charging any money is to make it available to everyone. Before launching this site we found that, there are many matrimonial sites on net, some of them are offering nice services too but not every one having access to those sites as they charge money. So here we are with all those features and even more coming soon for free.